What is GIVOMAG™?

GIVOMAG™ is a highly bioavailable source of magnesium. GIVOMAG™ is magnesium​ bound by a glycerophosphate​ ​anion. This forms a chelate, which means that the magnesium is bound at two points instead of just forming one bond. This is important because this type of bond protects magnesium throughout digestion.

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What makes GIVOMAG™ unique?

Many magnesium supplements are not absorbed by the body. GIVOMAG™ provides a bioavailable source of magnesium. As an added bonus, the glycerophosphate anion provides the body with multiple health benefits.

What does GIVOMAG™ do?

The unique structure of GIVOMAG™ allows for better absorption of magnesium into the bloodstream and a more effective magnesium metabolism.

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How does GIVOMAG™ work?

One of the main obstacles when supplementing with magnesium is diarrhea. Typically, when magnesium reaches the GI tract, it pulls water into the intestines. This is due to the nature of the magnesium cation: on its own, it can hydrate itself up to 400 times its own dehydrated radius. The hydrated molecule is then too large to pass through the intestine into the bloodstream. This phenomenon happens when magnesium is unbound from its side molecule. Chelated magnesium compounds are more stable throughout the GI tract, and avoid this hydration. This allows magnesium to become absorbed, instead of passing through the body as waste.

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